CPU Fluid Simulation Documentation



This is the documentation for the CPU Fluid Simulation that I wrote for my independent study at GVSU during the Winter 2009 semester.


Here are what the different keys do:

s: Stops or starts simulation

space: Step the simulation when the simulation is stoped

d: Show or hide the denisity field drawing

v: Show or hide the velocity field drawing

g: Show or hide the grid drawing

f: Inserts fluid into the simulation from the bottom of window

c: Turns console ouput on for debugging

b: Show or hide the boundarys

shift + b: Turn drawing of boundarys on or off

r: Resets the fluid simulation

Right click to add fluid at the current mouse position

Hold down left click and move mouse to move the fluid

When drawing boundaries click in the window where you want the boundary. You can also click and drag to make drawing the boundarys easier. To get rid of a boundary click on the boundary you want to get rid of. You can also click and drag the mouse over the boundaries you want to get rid of.

Note: When drawing boundaries you have to hit shift + b to turn boundary drawing on and when your done drawing boundaries hit shift + b again to turn boundary drawing off.

When boundary drawing is on you can't move the fluid around with the mouse. To move the fluid with the mouse make sure boundary drawing is turned off.

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